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MULTIMIN® 90 is an injectable, chelated, supplemental source of zinc, manganese, selenium, and copper in a readily available form which by-passes antagonists in feed, forage, distillers grain and drinking water that can reduce the absorption of these critical trace minerals.

MULTIMIN® 90 can be timed for use prior to periods of higher trace mineral demand such as calving, breeding, dry-off, shipping or introduction to the feedyard.

Whether you are in the Cow/Calf business, Feedlot/Stocker or the Dairy business, MULTIMIN® 90 supplies Copper, Zinc, Manganese and Selenium as a balanced injectable chelated supplement. These key trace minerals are required for optimal reproductive and health efficiency.

MULTIMIN®, being an injectable, also plays an important role bypassing antagonists in diet e.g. sulfur from molasses, water and distillers grains, as well as being an effective way to manage low / variable feed intake and thus low / variable trace mineral intake.

The two key biological systems where these trace minerals have a critical impact are:

  • Reproduction (both male and female)
  • Immune System

All MULTIMIN® research is geared to explore the possible production benefits which can be derived from supplementing copper, zinc, manganese and selenium via the injectable route, adding increased profitability.

Please see the Resources section of our website for trial data in dairy, beef and stocker/feedlot operations.

Healthier Cattle - Less Treatment Costs

Our operation has around 330 head of mostly purebred registered Angus and is located in central Nebraska, an area that has low levels of copper, zinc and selenium. We have a good oral mineral...
Danny Poss
Poss Angus, Scotia, Nebraska

"Every Time I Don’t Use MULTIMIN®, I Lose Money"

MULTIMIN® is right there at the treatment chute every time we process incoming cattle. We give MULTIMIN® to all of our high risk cattle that come in with little or no backgrounding. Another shot of...
Perry Owens
Manager, Ottawa County Feeders, Inc. Minneapolis, KS

MULTIMIN® Doesn't Cost - It Pays!

Marks Farm is a 4,000 head dairy located in Lowville, NY. As co-owner I have charge of the calf and heifer operations. In the past we used injectable selenium and vitamin E on all of our calves,...
Jackie Peck
Marks Farm, Lowville, NY

The Bottom Line: MULTIMIN® is a Good Investment!

John, Greg and Garfield Griswold of Stillwater, Okla. and Kim Clots of Dupree, SD own Griswold Cattle Company. We have about 1,500 cows split between the two locations. They are all registered, Angus...
John & Greg Griswold
Griswold Cattle Co., Stillwater, OK

John & Greg Griswold Video Testimonial: The Bottom Line is MULTIMIN® is a Good Investment!

John & Greg Griswold Video Testimonial
Griswold Cattle Company

We give MULTIMIN® 90 at birth, branding, breeding and on all of our bulls!

Producers know we use MULTIMIN®® 90 on our own herd and that we’re sold on it. They see the success we’ve had with it and make the decision to use it on their herds. It’s spreading by word of...
Brock Kerr, DVM - Chad Kerr, DVM
Dodge City Veterinary Clinic, Dodge City, KS

"MULTIMIN® 90 is a product you can use to get the ultimate performance out of cattle."

Around 90-95% of our calves are either AI or ET. Since we started using MULTIMIN®® 90 we're up around 70-76% conception on our first AI service. Our baby calves get MULTIMIN®® 90 at birth and...
Guy & Kyle Colyer
Colyer Hereford & Angus, Bruneau, ID