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Proven trace mineral injection for more calves in first 20 days*

What is Multimin® 90?

Multimin 90 is a proven, one-of-a-kind trace mineral injection that quickly improves trace mineral status in heifers, cows and bulls to maximize mineral levels during the breeding season.

Compressed calving distribution

Increased pregnancy rates

Improved semen quality

Compressed calving distribution

When used in a breeding protocol, studies demonstrated that improved trace mineral status leads to more calves in the first 20 days of calving. More calves born in the first 20 days of the calving season due to improved conception rates means more uniform groups, more pounds to sell and more heifers ready to breed sooner.

What is the ROI of using Multimin 90 at breeding?

Based on the Kansas State study, a 100-head cow herd treated with Multimin 90 yields 12 more calves born within the first 20 days of the calving season. If each calf gains an average of 2.2 lbs/day, the result at weaning is:

Increased pregnancy rates

Studies demonstrated that using Multimin 90 in breeding health protocols increased pregnancy rates — including more successful embryo transfers and AI pregnancies — on both heifers and cows.

Use the calculator below to see how Multimin 90 could help improve your breeding ROI.

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Improved semen quality

University data indicated Multimin 90 helped prepare bulls to pass their breeding soundness exam:

Watch this video to hear Dr. K.C. Olson, Kansas State University, discuss a recent study that indicated improved sperm motility and morphology in young beef bulls with the use of Multimin 90.


“When you see a 5%–6% increase in conception rate with 700–800 cows, that is a bunch more AI calves and that is where we find the big return on using Multimin in our breeding program.”

– Tim Todd
Green Mountain Angus

“On the third year, we introduced Multimin into our artificial program and we went from a 50% conception rate up to an 80% conception rate. It has been a huge tool for us to get more calves and propel our purebred Angus herd forward.”

– Kirby Clark
Triple C Angus

“With Multimin 90, 3% more of our yearling bulls passed their breeding soundness exam.”

– Galen Fink
Fink Beef Genetics

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