Your Best Shot
at Immunity and Successful Transitions

Optimal protection during high-stress periods for both cow and calf

What is Multimin® 90?

Multimin 90 is a proven, one-of-a-kind trace mineral injection that maximizes vaccine protection and immune response when used as part of a herd health protocol. Multimin 90 supports both cow and calf immune systems and ensures each cow receives optimal trace mineral supplementation through the transition period.


Multimin 90 supports both natural immunity and vaccine response, providing better protection in periods of high stress such as birth, weaning and freshening. Healthier cattle allow producers to reduce treatments costs and antibiotic use, and support udder health in the cow herd.

Supports natural immunity and vaccine response

Enhances protection in high-stress periods for both cows and calves

Supports udder health

Research shows Multimin 90 in a calf vaccination program improves vaccine response from 53% to 80%, as measured by a four-fold increase in antibody titers.

In a university study, a single injection of Multimin 90 was given to dairy cows with elevated somatic cell counts. The results indicated:

Additional university studies indicated that treating pregnant heifers with Multimin 90, along with a scours prevention vaccine before calving, resulted in:


Multimin 90 gives dairy producers assurance that each cow receives optimal trace mineral supplementation during times of peak demand, such as the transition period.

Avoids antagonists in the close-up ration to support a healthy immune system

Quickly replenishes trace minerals in the cow after in utero transfer to the calf

Supports udder health

A large pen study conducted in Texas evaluated dairy cows through heat stress. The results indicated that the dairy cows’ own immune defense systems were better able to fight disease when supplemented with Multimin 90. This resulted in:

A university study evaluating use of Multimin 90, at dry-off, 30 days pre-calving and 35 days in milk, indicated:

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