Your Best Shot
At Immunity

Improve immune response to vaccines by 27%*

What is Multimin® 90?

Multimin 90 is a proven, one-of-a-kind trace mineral injection that enhances cattle vaccine protection and immune response when used as part of a health protocol. Studies demonstrate that copper, zinc, selenium and manganese — the trace minerals found in every bottle of Multimin 90 — are key to improved immune response and better protection against profit-robbing diseases, such as BRD.

Higher antibody titers

Improved BRD protection

Better vaccine ROI

Higher antibody titers

Research shows Multimin 90 in a calf vaccination program improves vaccine response from 53% to 80%, as measured by a four-fold increase in antibody titers.

Improved BRD protection

Using Multimin 90 as part of your health protocols provides better protection against BRD, leading to reduced treatment costs.

Prevention vs. Treatment

Which is the better investment of approximately $850 in your cattle operation?

Watch the video featuring Dr. Roberto Palomares, associate professor at the College of Veterinary Medicine University of Georgia, as he discusses the benefits of using Multimin 90 concurrently with vaccination in dairy and beef calves to prevent BRD.

Better vaccine ROI

Multimin 90 helps producers get the most out of their vaccine investment. University studies showed dairy and beef calves treated with Multimin 90, at the same time as vaccines, had faster immune response and a greater percentage of the herd responding to the vaccine. More cattle responding to vaccinations means better ROI from your vaccines.

Research also shows reduced clinical signs of disease in BRD challenged calves who received Multimin 90. The photos below — showing the nasal turbinate, trachea and bronchi of calves given vaccination only versus calves that received vaccination in conjunction with Multimin 90 — demonstrate how beneficial it can be to include Multimin 90 within your vaccine protocols. The images on the left (no Multimin 90) show increased mucus, redness and swelling.

Multimin 90 showed improved immune response in research trials with these vaccine classes:


“We feel it is an important piece of the puzzle in our protocol to get those calves from birth to branding to help increase our immunity and treat less calves.”

— Kyle Colyer
Colyer Ranch

“Multimin is on top of our list…it has probably had the most dramatic effect on what we do in those protocols as anything we have done over the years.”

— Dr. L.D. Barker and sons, Dr. Matt Barker and Dr. Mark Barker

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